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Try Us Risk Free
Try Us Risk Free
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Custom promotional displays with all-inclusive service.

We work with you to plan your annual promotions and offer recommendations to help you determine the best coordinating displays. From there, we have them ready to go with plenty of time to match your timelines. 

Our Promise

We'll create an eye-catching display for you so you can see how it works in your store before you commit. Our Free-Trial is always free, 100 percent no cost to you.

If you’re not satisfied, we’ll send staff to pick up the display and be on our merry way. Of course, if you change your mind, feel free to call us in the future.

Try Us Risk Free

Our Team

Shannon McCourt Sales Manager


Scott Lagano Customer Service / Dispatcher


Greg Shealy Service Manager


David Orr Assistant Manager / Trainer


Lauren Yandow Marketing Manager


Cheryl Mack General Manager


Leslie Sano Graphic Designer


Margaret Francoeur Bookkeeper


Michael Dupuis Owner


Professional Installers

Dimas Installer
Jeff Installer
Adalid Installer
Devin Installer
William Installer
Andrew Installer
Jose Installer
Joseph Installer
Nate Installer
Jody Installer
Chuck Installer
Fred Installer
Josh Installer
James Installer
Craig Installer
Ovidio Installer
Jordan Installer
Michael Installer
Josh Installer
Drew Installer
Kendel Installer
Hayli Installer

We make your life easier by planning and servicing everything for you.

No amount of advertising will show you how our services work in your store. We'd rather you see it for yourself and experience the impact it has on your business.
Try Us Risk Free